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About Me

I am Lingjiao Chen, currently working with Matei Zaharia and James Zou in the computer science department at Stanford University.

My current research interest lies broadly in the intersection of data management, machine learning, and optimization. In particular, I do research on inventing data management-inspired abstractions, algorithms and systems to improve the efficiency and usability of data analytics using machine learning and optimization.

My recent publications can be found here.

● 2020-09: FrugalML is accepted by NeurIPS 2020 (Oral, Acceptance Rate: 1%)

● 2020-07: FrugalML is covered by VentureBeat

● 2020-07: Preliminary version of FrugalML is presented at ICML EcoPaDL Workshop 2020

● 2019-09: Morpheus is being integrated into GraalVM by Oracle

● 2019-06: Four papers are presented at SIGMOD 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

● 2018-12: Parallels is presented at NeurIPS/NIPS 2018, Montreal, Canada